FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Certificate

FSC promotes responsible management of the world’s forests and through consultative processes it sets international standards for responsible forest management. It can provide additional benefits, including:

• International recognition that the forest management does not put the forest’s natural heritage at risk and that the management activities are appropriate.

• The opportunity for interaction and co-operation among various players involved in responsible forest management – forest owners, social and environmental organisations – to solve the problems that forests face.

• The assurance for future generations that they enjoy the benefits of the forest.

• The assurance that forest management practices are responsible and will be further improved.

• The assurance that ownership rights are respected.

• The assurance that wood harvesting is legal.

• The assurance that the rights of workers and indigenous communities are respected.

• The assurance that areas of natural wealth and endangered wildlife habitat are not being negatively affected.

Kingspan identifies the exact volume of FSC approved materials on all delivery notes, invoices etc. This is enabling customers worldwide to recognise Kingspan’s raised grid flooring as ones that support the growth of responsible forest management.