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Moduleo fascinates by its versatility and its surplus value in design. Their lifelike texture gives the modular tiles and boards an extremely realistic look and allow them to be installed in all kinds of patterns. They also let you create your own atmosphere and an exclusive look.

Either by clicking or by gluing, each application has its ideal installation procedure. Whether you install it yourself or have it installed, the choice is yours, but it will always be without the demolition and breakage that usually goes with renovations. In that way,you can easily transform any room without stress.

Enjoy without concern. Moduleo is a feast for the eyes, but also for the senses. Pleasant and warm to the touch, sound-proofing, excellently resisting scratches and stains and also suitable for bathrooms or kitchens, since all our products are water-resistant. Even underfloor heating is not a problem.

Making a choice for the future, that is choosing Moduleo. Our products are manufactured in a brand-new “green” factory in Avelgem (Belgium), soon to be driven by wind turbines. Moreover, they contain up to 50% recycled materials and are recyclable in their turn. During the development of any new collection, the concern for quality and for the environment are always at the centre stage.

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