Dream Click Pro


Dream Click Pro brings the authentic look and feel of natural wood with none of the drawbacks and offers numerous advantages over traditional glue-down LVT materials including: shorter installation times, reduced preparation, less need to remove old floor finishes and very high resistance to dampness in the substrate. The new, patented Dream Click Pro technology also brings dramatic increases in joint strength and ease of installation compared to existing click systems. Interlocking connection tabs are an integral feature of the rugged PS base frame ensuring a fast, secure, precision-fit joint.

The flooring solution for heavy duty traffic areas such as hospitality, retail & offices!

1) The top coat, made of polyurethane, is extremely resistant to knocks and wear, retains its shape, and is completely water-resistant. This means that Dream Click Pro can also be fitted in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and saunas with no problem at all.

2) The wear layer is made of PVC. Under this layer there is a printed film in PVC, onto which the designs are printed.

3) A solid PVC backing serves as a mould in which the top coats are placed and is also the connection to the click basis.

4) The unique and patented click basis with the nicely spaced click elements along the 4 sides ensures quick and easy fitting in all directions.

5) The durable acoustic dampening bottom coat made of PVC not only suppresses sounds, but also ensures that Dream Click Pro sounds like real wood.

Dream Click Pro most certainly does not contain harmful softeners such as dioctyl phthalate (DOP). These are replaced by environmental friendly components conform with the toughest European regulations.