The Austrian company XAL is a leading manufacturer in the field of lighting with a network of partners in more than fifty countries. For 20 years the company has focused on optimal XAL optimization products to the requirements of the user, increasing the number of designs and directing every effort to expand the technical capabilities.

XAL produces lighting for various applications. In the catalog of the company you can find lighting for shops, ergonomic and stylish light for office design lighting for hotels, as well as original solution for the dwelling.

All unique lighting solutions are created using modern technologies. At all stages of production is carried out strict temperature control products, optical control simulation and verification of the spectral LEDs. The quality of the company’s products XAL meets the strict requirements of European standards.

Lighting from the company XAL are solutions that meet your requirements and high standards of production: energy saving and sustainable products that enable optimal use of modern technology.

Downlights DownlightsThis type of lighting emphasizes certain areas or premises used as a decorative element. Built-in lights mounted to the ceiling, stairs, windows and furniture stores.

Накладные светильники Overhead lightingOverhead lights are attached to the ceiling with special clips, which enables easy installation on any surface – walls and ceilings made of brick, concrete, drywall. These lamps are stylish touches to the design of your room.

Подвесные светильники Pendant lightsLamps of this type are mounted to the ceiling with hangers. Pendant lights can be adjusted in height, direct and change the level of lighting. Mostly they are used in rooms with high ceilings.

Настенные светильники Wall lightsWall-mounted luminaires are devices that are mounted in a special way on a vertical surface. They are used to illuminate certain areas in the room and to highlight elements of the decor. For example, wall lamp make reading or working area more comfortable.

Торшеры Floor lampsFloor lamp is a stylish high light, which closes and scatters light. This lamp gives the room a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. You can put it anywhere as it portable, and you can easily change the zone coverage.

Наружное освещение Outdoor LightingOutdoor lighting is used to create a comfortable environment in the dark, setting lights on the houses adjoining the site, the territory of public schools, parks. Also, these lamps are used for decorative lighting, installing them in the facades of buildings that attracts attention.

Профильные системы Profile systemsProfile system is light module with the metal substrate, which provides high-quality light distribution. Fluorescent lamps are the light source and provide indirect lighting.

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