Discover the exceptional collection of Barlinek floors. Appreciate the natural beauty of real wood. Savour it in new, highly sensual arrangements. Lush colours, extraordinary finishes, unparalleled attention to detail. A masterly combination of timeless class and the latest trends. A collection appreciated by customers, awarded by architects and chosen by stars. Discover its new face and add taste to your interior.

Tastes of Life

Dimensions: 2200*207*14 mm.

The Life product range includes floors, which combine the functionality and quality with Barlinek’s affordable price. For people who make a home for loved ones, and that’s why their demands are high. For those responsible – not just for the family, but also for the environment we live in.


Dimensions: 2200*130*14 мм., 2200*207*14 mm.

The Décor range of products boasts unconventional, often avant-garde floor designs obtained thanks to advanced wood processing and staining techniques. Always up to date with the latest trends in interior design.For those who appreciate the most fashionable and striking design. And those who know that luxury is formed from the details.


Dimensions: 2200*130*14 мм., 2200*207*14 mm.

The Pure line are top quality stylish floors, where natural qualities of wood are highlighted in a special way. For aesthetes who appreciate timeless beauty. Those who know that a wood floor is like good wine – signs of age add to its value.


Dimensions: 2200*180*14 mm.